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Tatami Deluxe BJJ Belt (White)

S$ 30.00

The new Tatami Fightwear Deluxe Jiu Jitsu belts are made from simply the finest materials, and finished to a impeccably high standard. The belts have a double folded pearl weave core, wrapped with a washed and super soft 100% cotton material. The belts are harder and thinner that our regular belts to allow for a might tighter knot, allowing your belt to stay on for longer.


Each belt is finished with an embroidered black on black patch for a sleek and simple styling detail.


For Black Belts we offer the full range of BJJ belts designs incluidng

Regular Black Belt with Red Bar

Instructor Black Belt with Red Bar and White tabs

Competitor Black Belts with White Bar


A1 - 270cm A2 - 285cm A3 - 305cm A4 - 335cm Approximately 42mm width